Uzodinma blows hot, blasts politicians over Insecurity

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has put on blast politicians showing indifference to Insecurity issues in the State and country, respectively.

He said matters of Insecurity across the nation had not been given any attention by aggrieved politicians and opposition party members, whose body language displays disinterest.

The Governor lashed out while speaking with journalists at the sideline of his meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, where they discussed issues on the Security Challenges and Economic Development of Imo State.

At a time when Nigeria is experiencing safety nightmares, Uzodinma suggested that the best way a politician can impact his followers is to outrightly and publicly speak against those perpetrating these acts.

“How many of them are speaking out? How many of them are condemning what’s going on?” He asked.

Uzodinma Blasts Politicians

Instead of contributing their quota to develop the nation, Uzodinma said politicians are only known for finger-pointing and playing the blame games, accusing the present administration of not addressing the current challenges.

He urged influential political office holders, including former senate presidents, speakers, and their deputies, to caution the youths on consequences awaiting actions taken towards the destruction of Nigeria.

Making clear the message Nigeria is supposed to be united, the Governor showed relief over the outcome of his meeting with Buhari on the current security situation in the State.

He said normalcy has returned to Imo State, which includes economic activities in total performance and security personnel seen hovering around the environs to ensure the safety of residents.

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