Update: Why Naked Lovers in Video Walked Shirtless

Earlier, some naked lovers in a video paraded themselves around the Victoria Garden City, VGC in Lagos State and various reasons surfaced online to address why the couple embarked on such an embarrassing act.

Among all the reasons why they decided to walk naked, a credible report confirmed that the lovers were strongly under the influence of a hard substance.

The report hinted that an observer who witnessed the pointless nude trek by the couple explained that the male and female partners had taken some hard drugs and had no certainty that they were naked.

While the sad event had occurred on Sunday, the clip started gaining grounds Monday and Tuesday as well.

Resident Shared Details of Naked Lovers

A resident who shared a note pointed out that the female lover in the video hailed from the United States of America, USA and that she came to Nigeria only last October till date.

The eyewitness further explained that the two naked lovers tried to take their lives under the influence of the hard drugs, adding that it took the intervention of the security team in the area to rescue them and rush them to a nearby hospital.

The note from the Estate Management revealed that the “Situation soon got out of hand when both adults slit their wrists and necks in what seemed to be a suicide attempt, saying they would die and rise again in three days.”

Fortunately, the Nigerian man and his US lover have been hospitalised and have been receiving medical attention since the tragic incident happened.

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