Unplug 222: Cubana Chief Priest Reveals Secret about BBN, Etinosa blasts Gifty Over Davido

Cubana Chief Priest shared more evidence against Maria, proving that his sister has just filed for divorce just last month exposing big brother Naija’s secrets.

Kelvin’s brother also gave his own side of the story, claiming the couple has been divorced since 2018 but, Cubana chief priest’s photo of their divorce papers proves otherwise.

Actress Etinosa blasts former BBN star Gifty for saying ‘No papa beta pass Davido” after celebrating his son’s second birthday.

Grammy Winner Burna Boy reveals he might never get married, but he is not certain if he just says it to see his mom’s reaction or he actually means it.

President Buhari Launches Africa’s first digital currency called E-Naira. He said this is to increase Nigerian GDP by 29 billion in 10 years from now.

Islamic Cleric Shiek Gumi, said President Muhammadu Buhari should not declare bandits as terrorists.

A government official in Iran, slapped an Iranian Governor while making a speech on stage.

Manchester United coach has been given another opportunity to redeem himself after losing several matches, and angry and demanding his immediate removal.

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