Brother of Maria’s Alleged Lover Slams Cubana over Husband’ Snatching’ Allegations

Brother of Maria’s Alleged lover, Kelvin, has fired back at celebrity barman Cubana chief priest over his allegations on Maria.

Kelvin’s brother, Energy Bank, via his Instagram page called out Cubana Chief Priest after the video of him (Energy Bank); his brother Kelvin and Maria were hanging out together while accusing Maria of snatching his sisters’ husband and threatening her.

In reaction to this, Kelvin’s brother questioned the Cubana Chief priest if he knew what his sister did to his brother while in the marriage, stating that it would leave everyone in shock.

Brother Of Maria'S Alleged Lover Slams Cubana Over Husband' Snatching' Allegations
Energy Bank Slams Cubana Chief Priest

He further posted a screenshot of their chat with a caption narrating when his brother, Kelvin, left the marriage when Maria came into the picture.

Energy bank stated that his brother was dying in silence but had to keep his peace for the love of his kids and family.

He said, “Many things that happened in that marriage but we covered it because we are a family of peace and love people, and we respected my brothers decision to try again and again for his marriage to work, but for how long will a man keep trying with a woman that drags his name through every mud of shame she finds available?

Brother of Maria’s Alleged Lover Slams Cubana over Husband’ Snatching’ Allegations

Kelvin’s brother also stated that Cubana’s sister drove the entire family away from home, and they couldn’t visit anymore.

Still speaking on the issue, he narrated how he helped build the house while still in school, recounting how he and his younger brother would carry blocks to help with the labour because they were excited there was going to be a new house for the family.

However, he never slept a day in the house when it got finished because Cubana’s sister drove everyone away, including their mother.

He then said, “What a Life! I guess he learned his lessons by now “This streets don’t love you.

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