Ultimate Love: Aunty the miracle worker

On the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Aunty is the Host of all the Love Guests, and she has been said to be the alpha and omega of the show, taking all decisions and providing all the needs of her guests. Making of decisions the love pad a thing the affects the lives of the Love guests so you can conveniently call it a daunting task.

Aunty’s Decisions

Some of the decisions taken by Aunty includes the choice of Love Guests brought on the show, provisions made available in the love pad for the Love Guests, making of their hair, rules of engagement, penalising erring Love Guests, weekly tasks, sessions among many others.
With the understanding the Love Guests have,they need to adhere to whatever Aunty says and make do with her provisions, might be having no problem with her style. Do they have any choice? It is either you get used to it, or you find your bearing.

When Aunty is doing this, life seems to be interesting in the end. Almost everybody gets happy after working with Aunty’s decisions, and you might think a miracle just happened afterward.

Aunty’s Miracles

Is Aunty a miracle worker? If you have not met Aunty, her fame must have reached you. If you have not heard about her reputation, now is the time to listen and hear about her miraculous works in the Love Pad.


At the beginning of the Ultimate Love show, a lot of things happened, especially to Chris. During the partner picking exercise, Chris had one of the hardest times in the house; you would remember the Uche scenario. Chris is arguably the oldest Love Guests in the love pad, and getting a partner saw for her not a smooth ride.

Ultimate Love: Aunty The Miracle Worker

Being among the Love Guests without a partner did not bring the worst feeling for her, and getting to pick a partner because you have no choice was still an introduction to the saga.

The real saga came when Uche, who was meant to be her partner, walked out on her by voluntarily checking out of the show, not minding what she feels.

After Uche left the show, it was painful to see her in such a lonely and hopeless state. A lot of events happened that everyone expected her to also voluntarily check out of the game or at least breakdown.

An additional chapter was expected to be written and added to the book of lamentation, but we got none for her. She stood firm, tried to enjoy every moment with boldface while waiting for a miracle from Aunty.

The assurance of bringing in new Love Guests from wherever to salvage Chris’s situation was not in sight. Still, Chris, her fans, and the whole viewers of the Ultimate Love show could not afford to stop having faith and believing something miraculous will happen.

Faith they say may tarry but never fails. After a while that Chris has cast her bread upon the waters she got it back, Aunty did a miracle, and Chris Ville showed up.

Chris Ville

Chris Ville came into the Love Pad as a miracle to Chris, but he might be a co-housemate to others. He went into the Love Pad and changed the scheme of things. He was not only a miracle, but he is a light that has come to brighten Chris’s face, heart, and life. If any of the Love Guests will say anything good about Aunty, Chris will have the best combo nation of words.

Double Chris Talking

When Chris Vile come into Chris’s life, the movement was slow, and uncertainty covered the cloud. The Love Guests paid critical attention to them, though they behaved as if they were not watching.

The viewers, however, could not hide their feelings as they stormed all social media platforms to make their opinions about them Known. Some said they would not work, while some pointed out that the age difference between them would be an impediment.

With the way things are is right now, Chris seems to be one of the happiest ladies on Ultimate Love. She might have just been able to find a place in the love world, and the sparks on her face are priceless. The miracle Aunty did in her life is epic and one of the greatest things on the show.

Who could think that Aunty would have been able to turn a seemingly hopeless situation to such a bright one? How was she able to find a suitable partner for Chris? Where did Aunty get Chris Ville from? Aunty did not only get Chris a handsome guy; she got her a cheerful and pleasant guy who also is a Chris. How beautiful will it be for Chris to marry Chris Ville?

In case you need a miracle, you might begin to think of contacting Aunty. The only guarantee you can’t get is if she would be able to do a miracle that is different from finding a man.

But the end they say justifies the means, let us see how long Aunty’s miracle will last in the hands of Chris. Will it be for a lifetime? Will Doublechris become one in matrimony?

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