The Ultimate Love Guild To Meeting Your Partner’s Parents Family Day 37

Today makes it three days to the end of the Ultimate Love Reality Tv Show and this is a compilation of guild-lines to meet your lover’s family for the first time.

Look the part

Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love

We remember the days when what to wear to your lover’s family was set in stone. These days not so much. We now have freedom of expression in wearing what we want. But when going to your special someone’s family for the first time, it is always a good idea to have a feel of what acceptable when it comes to your outfit.

This appearance can include but not limited covering your hair as a lady and suit as a gentleman as a sign of respect. You might need to learn the laws of the land as it relates to appearances and Bae can help you with this. This helps you to avoid embarrassment.

Learn the language

Ultimate Love
Ultimate Love

As we’ve seen in the Love Pad, love definitely knows no race, religion or tribe. When you discover that your heart a falling for a person across cultural lines as it is the case in the Love Pad, you may endeavor to learn your partner’s cultural language.

This will endear you to your new family. Realistically it takes a while for you to learn a new language but it is certain that your new inlaws will fall head over heels for you when you converse in routine greetings in their dialect. Also endeavor to learn the protocols in greetings. Practice the protocols.oShould you bow? Are handshakes forbidden?

Maybe you even need to prostrate! Much like the dress code, there’s subtle nuances to each tribes culture and the most respectable way to conduct ones self in front of respectable people. This though may be one of the easier ones as you may have even be familiar with it from everyday life and various encounters. It definitely does show though just how important Aunty’s cultural nights were! You never know what you’re learning along the way!

No one can resist a gift

The Ultimate Love Guild To Meeting Your Partner’s Parents Family Day 37 1

Ever heard the saying flattery will get you far? Well gifts are in the same Whatsapp group! One of the best ways to break the ice might be to simply give them something special and the beauty of it all is that it doesn’t even have to be something expensive! So to all those new love birds who have been inspired by the journey of love we’ve witnessed these past few weeks, better start getting ready to shine and impress! Your time is coming soon!


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