Ultimate Love: 27 More Days For kachi To Be Rosie’s Boyfriend


Ultimate Love reality show might not be showing on the TV screen for now, but the clock is ticking for Kachi and Rosie to be together.

Remember that Kachi and Rosie with the couple name Roksie won the Ultimate Love show on March 29, 2020, and were given 90 days to take their relationship to the next level.

Today the 90 days given to Kachi as a grace time to propose to Rosie is left with 27 days. You will agree with me that kachi is running out of time to pop the question and take their relationship to the next level.

Remember that before the winner of the show was announced, one for the show hosts, Oluwaseun Olaniyan told the last two standing couples, Roksies and Iykeresa that any couple declared winner must make a promise to be engaged within the next 90 days starting form that day. 

So after Rosie and Kachi won, Kachi was given a wrist corsage as a sign of promise to propose to her within the stipulated time, which he took and fixed on her wrist with joy.

Rosie With The Wrist Corsage
Rosie With The Wrist Corsage

If Kachi and Rosie keep to the agreement to get engaged within the 27 days left in their 90 days grace, they have a lot to gain.

Apart from the fact that they would have further sealed their love relationship, they would be unlocking other prizes they are entitled to as the first Ultimate Couple that emerged from the first Nigerian love and relationship reality TV show.

According to Dakore Egbuson- Akande, one of the Hosts of the show, the only automatic prize for Rosie and Kachi as the Ultimate Couple is the five million naira cash prize and the one hundred, and fifty thousand naira and accessaries found in their portmanteau.

The other prizes they would be enjoying if Kachi proposes soon, is a traditional wedding to be sponsored by MultiChoice to the tune of 10 million Naira. That is not all, If after the proposal they get married, another benefits await them.

In addition to this, they need to cross another hurdle to get the final prize, which is the house. Dakore told them that, with the terms and conditions attached to this particular prize, they might have to wait for a whole year.

She told them that they would need to live together as husband and wife for a whole year before the house can be given to them. Since the worth and the location of the house is not yet known, we can only be sure of the figures we have to say they are open to getting over fifteen million naira worth of prizes as the Ultimate Couple of the show.

With this, Kachi needs to check the calendar and know that the day is counting and he needs to propose to Rosie and take their relationship to the next level.

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