After Wig Borrowing Troll, Rosie Lands New Hair Deal

Rosie Lands New Hair Deal

After Rosie was trolled by a Twitter user about borrowing a wig, she has landed a new hair deal as an ambassador of a female hair extension and wig company called HairMatters7.

The news about Rosie landing a new hair deal spread like wild fire on Twitter, with the whole of the Roknation congratulating her and shaming the person who alleged her of borrowing wig to snap the pictures she posts on the social media platforms.

When the news of the wig borrowing broke, the multitude of the Roknation members came to her defence, but it is sure that many of them did not see this coming.

Rosie was not the only one who got the congratulation messages, but Kachi her partner and co- winner of the Ultimate Love reality TV show also got some felicitation messages from several persons.

Rosie Lands New Hair Deal
Rosie Lands new Hair Deal

The month of May has so far been a good month for Rosie, because she celebrated her birthday this month and also got a car gift from her fans which was a beautiful icing on the cake for the day.

You might not know how it feels to get an unexpected car gift from people you do not know personally, but Rosie was able to show the kind of joy she felt after receiving the gift with the way she fell on her knees while shedding tears.

While Rosie is rejoicing about her new hair deal, some “bad belle people” said she is only going to get chicken change from the deal, but another news said she would be getting paid in 8 digits.

Meanwhile, it is becoming obvious that the company that gave Rosie the new hair deal made the very best of the choices available to them. This is because shortly after Rosie landed the new hair deal, the number of the followers the company had on Twitter jacked up with over 1,000.

Let those behind continue to say what they are not sure of, Rosie congratulations, enjoy your new hair deal and be a good Ambassador.

For now the latest news in town in “Rosie Lands New Hair Deal.”

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