UK To Announce Strategy On How To Ease Lockdown

The United Kingdom, UK has announced a plan to set out a strategy on how the country would ease its lockdown on Sunday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed this on Wednesday.

Johnson said the country would face economic disaster if it eased lockdown in a way triggering a second spike in the virus.

UK To Announce Strategy On How To Ease Lockdown

Uk To Announce Strategy On How To Ease Lockdown

For the first time since returning to work after recovering from COVID-19, Johnson took questions on Wednesday in parliament.

However, in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle, Johnson expressed optimism that the United Kingdom would emerge stronger than before if everyone follows the rules.

If we follow the rules, we will come through this faster and the United Kingdom will emerge stronger.

According to latest data from the Johns Hopkins University, the country has registered over 196,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with over 29,000 deaths. 

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