Boris Johnson Resignation: British PM Makes 2 Goodbye Promises

Boris Johnson resignation, now addressed as the recent-past British Prime Minister, PM has caused numerous reactions from various parts of the world, following how he was pressured by fellow Conservative Party members to exit office for his incompetency.

However, the PM, who did not leave without a fight, made 2 key promises to the British people after he admitted that the Prime Ministerial office served as an education process to him, adding that he learnt a lot while serving his tenure.

On the promises made before his unwarranted resignation, BorisJohnson assured the citizens of giving his utmost support to his replacement.

Boris Johnson Resignation: British Pm Makes 2 Goodbye Promises

Another promise the exiting PM made was towards the troubled people of Ukraine following the continuous invasion by Russian troops.

He pledged that the British Government would not abandon Ukrainians because of his resignation, stressing that the support would continue as planned.

Other Realities Attached to Boris Johnson Resignation

History has it that Johnson is not the first British PM to quit office due to pressure from Members of Parliament, MPs, But, he would continue to serve pending when a new replacement is elected.

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