Traveling is almost a must in our existence. If you must be in a commercial city in Nigeria, then your Google map will surely indicate Aba as one of the cities to visit.

You could get here by road, rail, water or air. All you have to do is get ready to buy things for yourself and your relatives because you won’t only window-shop in the market but make transactions in your visit. 


The city was established by the Ngwa clan of Igbo people of Nigeria as a market town and then later a military post was placed there by the British colonial administration in 1901. Aba in Abia state of Nigeria was divided into two local government areas namely Aba South and Aba North.

Aba South is the main city centre and the heartbeat of Abia state, South-East Nigeria. It is located on the Aba River which is bounded by Rivers, Imo and Akwa Ibom states. There are many villages in Aba such as; Aba-Ukwu, Eziukwu-Aba, Obudu-Aba, Umuokpoji-Aba and other villages in Ohazu.

If you are a lover of highlife music then you have to listen to the music of legendary musician, Oliver De Couque as you tour the city. You will surely hear a lot of Igbo dialect and Pidgin English as it is the major language spoken here. The indigenous people are the Ngwa. One of the major places to visit is the Ariaria International Market. Textiles, palm oil, pharmaceuticals, cement and cosmetics make the market to become the largest market in West Africa seconded by the Onitsha main market. It is a hub for traders from different parts of the country.

What Aba Offers;

Aba is also a city for fun lovers. On your tour, you should see for yourself the point of beer production. There is a Heineken brewery in Aba from where other neighboring cities are been supplied. The green bottle is a major attendee in the night life of the city. A glass company and distillery is also within the metropolis. The city is surrounded by oil wells which separate it from the city of Port Harcourt.

The city is popular for being the home ground of Nigerian Premier League side, Enyimba International Football Club popularly called ‘The Peoples Elephant’. When you here the chants ‘Nzogbu, nzogbu, Enyimba-enyii’know that you are in the city of the richest of all Nigerian Football clubs. Enyimba has hosted various clubs from different parts of the continent and has won two CAF Champions league trophies. And seven Nigerian Premier League titles and a pair of Federation cup trophies. The fan base here would make you get the blue color jersey of ‘ThePeoples Elephant’.

You will definitely be glad to have tour the city famous for its handicrafts.

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