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Is Traditional Wedding Enough In Nigeria?

Traditional wedding is an important part of the joining together of a man and a woman especially in this part of the world. In a society like Nigeria, its now a norm to have a traditional wedding and the white wedding in marriage rites. This shouldn’t be the case as the addition of a white wedding to our marriage rites really shows we are still depended on our colonial masters. The Nigerian traditional wedding which is always colorful and elegant must be enough in the joining together of a man and woman; the addition of a white wedding is out of place if we were to stay true to our rich culture and traditions.

Traditional Wedding in Nigeria

Traditional Wedding In Nigeria

Traditional wedding is the primary established form of marriage recognized in a given country or religious or social group at a given time. In that culture, traditional weddings require the families of the husband-to-be and the wife-to-be to engage in ritual visits and exchange gifts. In a society like Nigeria where there are diverse ethnic groups, traditional weddings show the diversity and richness of the Nigerian culture and style.

Traditional wedding in Nigeria is always extravagant with the colorful displays of our beautiful attires, sophisticated accessories, sumptuous delicacies, rich music and languages. It’s always a chance for both families to get to know each other. A major aspect of Nigerian traditional wedding is the payment of bride price. Although traditional wedding may be expensive depending on the ethnic group but it is always fun. It really shows the vibes and energy the Nigerian people are known for.

From the ‘Igba Nkwu’ i.e. the wine carrying of the Igbo people of Nigeria, to the Yoruba wedding that involves exotic styles in dressing especially of the ‘Aso Ebi’ ladies and the simple but yet elegant traditional wedding of the Hausa people, you just have to adore Nigerian traditional wedding. There’s no other place to really see the rich Nigerian culture in display than our wedding. In fact, if you need to try out many of the Nigerian mouthwatering dishes, then you have to attend a Nigerian traditional wedding especially that of the Efik people who have many sumptuous delicacies.

Why Traditional Wedding Must Be Enough

Traditional Wedding In Nigeria

If we have really been independent then our wedding must be enough in deciding the joining together of our people. We mustn’t just buy into the idea of the western world in everything we do when our own rich culture and traditions are out of this world. Once this is done, the white wedding shouldn’t be a must.

Many may argue that the other forms of wedding may have some legal backings but has that really made man and woman not to deviate from their marital vows is a question that needs to be answered. There’s no point in having a double-legged wedding if we have to be true to ourselves. Our traditional wedding which is the primary established form of marriage must be enough in the joining together of our people. We have tried to copy and paste many things from the western culture and leave behind our rich traditions. Why don’t we stick with our rich traditional marriage that many foreigners want to experience?

Some friends agreed with me on the importance of this type of wedding. According to Mr. Odo Moses, he said ‘’Traditional wedding is important in Nigeria because it is our culture. Every country in the world has her own culture which they still practice. It is just that we Nigerians have come to prefer white man culture which is the white wedding, making the marriage issue to be more complex by performing both the traditional and white wedding. Hence, the traditional wedding contains everything needed according to the custom and traditions of our land to marry a woman’’.

Mr. Mentor Olaniyi, a director of music also shared his view ‘’I think this particular type of wedding is very important as it is a rightful rite to be performed for any lady who is given out in marriage. The Bible recommends this type of wedding above all. It involves the family and it is very important to every member of a family who’s ready to give their daughter in marriage’’.

Miss Derin Onasanya and Lawrencia Ogban also believed this type of wedding is more important and should be enough as marital rites for our people. If we have to take our things as important as they should be then our traditional wedding must be enough in our marriage.

You can share with us your views/opinions on this topic in the comment section. Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.

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