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Traditional Attire: Head Tie In Nigerian Culture

Head tie is one of the noticeable accessories in traditional attire from this part of the world. Ladies stand out with this clothing accessory especially in parties called “Owambe“.

Head tie is basically a women head scarf, commonly worn in West and South Africa. There are varying traditional names for head ties in different countries in Africa as it is an important part of the people’s (female) dressing.

Head Tie In Nigerian Culture

Nigerians are known to be rich in culture and tradition with their dressing, which includes head ties for females an important feature. In Nigeria, they are referred to as ‘gele‘ (a Yoruba language word).

Gele’ which is always firmer than the regular cloth can be rather large and elaborate.

Although the gele can be worn for day-to-day activities, the elaborate ceremonial ones are worn to weddings, special events, and church activities.

Head gear tying is now a good skill to learn in today’s Nigeria. People pay money to get their head tie game on point.

Northern Nigerian women are known to use hijab and turbans on their heads. Southerners have gele as their trademark head-covering.

No wonder the current DG of the World Trade Organization, Okonjo-Iweala has her signature head-tie on another top level.

Ngozi 0Konjo-Iweala In Her Signature Ankara Head Tie
Ngozi 0konjo-Iweala in her signature ankara head tie

Head tie in Nigerian culture is one part of the people’s lifestyle, especially the ladies who look adorable in it. Even if western culture has been dominant in our dressing, it has been an important feature.

No wonder popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid showcased women in their head ties in the visuals of one his new song “Smile”.

It is a way to show the elegance and beauty of African women. Just like Comedian, Oluwakapanoski, who rocks the head tie, it is to show the identity of the African woman.

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Traditional Attire: Head Tie In Nigerian Culture
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