Toyin Abraham Asks Nigerians to Quit Desmond Elliot Jokes

For weeks, Nigerians have ceased the opportunity of social platforms to circulate jokes tagged by some as ‘Desmond Elliot jokes’ named after the popular actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot but it seems Toyin Abraham is sick of it.

The actress has asked Nigerian to quit making jokes about her colleagues because it was getting out of hand. It became a trend for Nigerians to insert Desmond Elliot’s name in funny situations that made it online or point at him as the cause of any and every problem a Nigerian was facing.

Toyin Abraham Asks Citizens to Stop Desmond Elliot Jokes

Tired of the jokes, Toyin wrote;

“Please can we all stop with this Desmond Elliot joke. Pls is actually annoying now. I feel if we continue with this joke then… Kilode gan”

A follower quickly responded to her plea, asking her to kindly stay away from the issue as she may likely get dragged with Desmond. To that, she stated that she was not in supported of Desmond Elliot but it was time to cease the jokes in order to be taken seriously when the occasion calls for it.

Toyin Abraham Asks Nigerians To Quit Desmond Elliot Jokes
Toyin Abraham Asks Citizens to Stop Desmond Elliot Jokes

These targeted jokes increased after the actor supported a bill to place heavy control on the use of social media despite gaining his popularity from it.

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