Desmond Elliot Gets into Trouble With Nigerians Again

Nollywood actor and Lagos State lawmaker, Desmond Elliot has gotten into another round of trouble with Nigerians again, and this time it is hilarious.

Desmond has had rounds of merciless trolling with Nigerians, especially when he built his constituents a toilet.

Desmond Elliot'S Toilet
Desmond Elliot’s Toilet

He had a second face-off with Nigerians in the heat of the #EndSars protests, where he pitched his tent with the government and also called Nigerian youth “children.”

This time, his infamous toilet saga has been remembered, and he is getting fresh strokes after he was innocently dragged into a Twitter conversation that has nothing to do with him.

The drama started when a Twitter user @dearolaa tweeted about her friend’s engagement that turned out to be a saga.

She wrote, “My friend got engaged and cut off the engagement immediately because her boyfriend proposed with a 10 thousand naira ring. I asked how she knew it was a ten thousand naira ring then she said she has seen it on a vendor’s Instagram post before. Can you imagine? Would you propose” 

Then another Twitter @VictorIsrael_ user commented on her tweet, and then Desmond Elliot’s buried case was dug up.

“I don’t Like the idea of a 10k ring & I dont know why he got her such ring” After saying this you want us to advise her. Isnt it clear that you & your friend are the same? Entitled set of Dummies wearing 1954 makeup Come Surulere make we flush una inside Desmond Elliot toilet”

Tweet About Desmond'S Toilet
Tweet About Desmond’s Toilet

This tweet has gotten Nigerians hilariously blaming Desmond for the nation’s woos and even that of their personal lives that have nothing to do with him.

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