Round Down of Top 10 Websites to Follow for Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija is back and better. The show was formerly called Big Brother Nigeria and uses the usual Big Brother format across the world. Big Brother Naija is a reality television series in which housemates live and compete for a huge cash prize.

Since its inception in Nigeria, there has been three (3) completed seasons with the 4th season currently underway. The history of BBNaija started in 2006 when the first season aired on DSTV Channel 37 from March 5th to June 4th, 2006. After each season, the voting results are usually verified by an external auditing company.

On January 22, 2017, the second season of the show debuted followed by the third season on January 28, 2018. The current iteration of the Big Brother Naija show was kick-started on June 30, 2019. This time, however, the show is hosted in Nigeria instead of South Africa as in previous seasons.

I am sure you are looking to catch all the latest gist about Big Brother Naija, and it is not supposed to be difficult. I have curated a list of the top ten websites to help you catch up on the latest news about arena games, evictions, and parties. Here they are:

1. Africa Magic DSTV Big Brother Naija

Website link: Africa Magic BBNaija Website: This is the official website by DSTV Network for the Big Brother Naija show so there is no doubt it is number 1 here. Although it can be cumbersome sometimes, you are sure to catch all the latest news and updates on this website. You can watch videos, follow eviction, keep up with your favorite housemates and even vote!

2. Blog Bet9ja BBNaija

Website Link: Bet9ja BBNaija Blog: Of course you know bet9ja is a major sponsor for this year’s season. And you will be glad to know that they keep an updated BBNaija blog.

3. EveryEvery NG

Website link: EveryEveryNG BBNaija: is the website you want to visit if you are frequently on-the-go, low on data and want the freshest gist about the Big Brother Naija show. Here you are sure to catch all the latest news about housemate romance, chores, arena games, and evictions.

4. Pulse NG

Website link: Pulse.NG BBNaija Page: does a really good job of doing weekly roundups and summaries. If you want to read what happened over the week with certain housemates, then this website is a good option.

5. Big Brother Naija News

Website Link: Big Brother Naija News page: For news format update about big brother, visit this site.

6. Big Brother

Website Link: : Same with the site above. Keep up with Big Brother news here.

7. BBNaija Updates

Website Link: BBNaija 2019: does an all-round update of major happenings in the house.

8. TrendyNaija

Website Link: For full nomination news and updates, check out this site.


Website Link: BBN.NG: This site is dedicated to voting and polls. If you really want to get involved and participate in polls, this site is for you.

10. Naija Olofofo

Website Link: NaijaOlofofo BBNaija : This website will give you all the Olofofo news you need just as the name implies.

Well, there you have it! Follow your favorite show with the above sites.