Tochi Slams Ex, Tells Weird Break-Up Story

Tochi one of the ex-BBNaija Lockdown housemate has come up with a weird break-up story about his ex-girlfriend.

The tall bearded guy made shared the story of how he and his ex parted way in a weird way and slamming her.

It is obvious that the upcoming valentine celebration was what reminded him of his experience.

According to him, he got a valentine gift from his ex, but the day he used it was the day they broke up.

“Funny story way back a girl gave me a pair of boxers for valentine the day i wore it was the day we broke up.

As weird as the story sounds, he could not clearly state the connection between the valentine gift and the unfortunate break-up.

 Tochi did not only tell the story; he mentioned the lady’s name and also insulted her.

Amaka if you are reading this u are mad.”

Tochi Slams Ex
Tochi Slams Ex

He has since gotten tones of reactions and comments on his story, especially from one of his colleagues, Eric, who does not even know what to say to him. Eric simply wrote, “this one off me” 

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