Titans Cast Votes on Tacha’s Weird Post

Titans are currently casting their votes on their Queen Tacha’s weird post on Twitter with divergent opinions spring from it.

Early on Friday, Tacha decided to make a tweet that would require her fans to either be for or against it.

The Queen of Titans with #HusbandsOfTacha asked to know which her fans agree that her man should kiss her feet every morning.

She had earlier rolled out the qualities she want her man to possess, which includes being a cheerful giver, rich, must love her and Titans equally, have beards, use ST Clipper and the most controversial is that the man must kiss her feet every morning.

Immediatly she made the tweet, voting commenced and a total of 2,099 participated.

At the end of the exercise, 49.1% of them were totally against the idea, while 50.9% of them queued behind their queen.

Tacha'S Weird Post
Tacha’s Weird Post

Some Twitter users who read between the lines of the tweet both voted against it and also tweeted in disagreement.

@iamcoldpeace“You wan turn husband to slave abi? See your big forehead”

Tacha however did not fail to respond to those against her move with a tweet that shows she might really mean kissing her feet every morning to be one of the qualities she might be looking for in her man.

She tweeted; ” Must be sweet to me and rude to Husband snatchers”. The question is what is the next step now that Titans have voted in support of this quality?

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