BBNaija 2019 Reunion: Where Are The Fake Titans?

Fake Titans

The BBNaija 2019 Reunion show has revealed a lot of things about the former housemates of the 2019 edition of the show and one of them is that there could be some people called fake Titans causing problems among the housemates.

There has been numerous show of shame on the internet, where verbal abuses have come from some fans of some housemates to other housemates in a show of what they call loyalty and defence for their favourites among them.

The housemates whose fans have been accused of these attacks on other housemates are those of Mercy, called Mercenaries and those of Tacha called the Titans.

On the last edition the BBNaija 2019 Reunion, the role of fans in the disputes and several disagreements between the housemates was the topic put out for discussions and it was explosive.

Tacha was asked so many questions like if her fans are a reflection of her, considering the way they come hard on her fellow former housemates, not minding whose hands are going to get burnt.

She was also accused of liking and retweeting offensive comments posted by her fans against other former housemates. 

Fake Titans
BBnaija star, Tacha distanced herself from fake Titans.

Some other accusations thrown on Tacha’s laps includes not following fellow housemates and snubbing comments and not replying them as necessary.

In her defence, Tacha said she did not see some of the comments she was accused of snubbing, adding that she does not handle her social media accounts all the time.

The major excuse she gave about the attacks that usually come from those tagged as her fans, the Titans is that some people claim to be Titans but are not. 

According to her some of them chose to masquerade as her fans to cause a stir among the other housemates.

The questions are who and where are that fake Titans who have been claiming to be Tacha’s fans only to cause troubles among the rest of the housemates. 

Majority of the housemates believe that most of the Titans are more vocal, confrontational and always intense.

Though most of the attacks happen between the Titans and the Mercenaries, Venita thinks Mercenaries are a bit different from the Titans. She thinks Mercenaries are also intense, defensive, but more peaceful.

However, Tacha has stated that her fans are not a reflection of her, she does not handle all her social media accounts herself and then the people who attack other housemates are pretending to be Titans, that in reality, they are fake Titans.

Now, where are these Titans and who are they? Let us ask what their aims for these voracious attacks are? Again, where are the Fake Titans?

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