Tinubu Presidential Ambition Threatened by Past Crimes

Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential Ambition is seriously under threat from sins and crimes of the past.

For more than two days now, the All Progressives Congress, APC’s Presidential Candidate, has been trending for the wrong reasons.

The charges leveled against him, back when it was alleged that he operated some illegal drug businesses, including heroin trafficking and money laundering cases.

Expert Reveals Criminal Offences by Tinubu

A verified Doctor on Twitter, @JefferyGuterman, posted today, saying: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed was indicted by the United States for charges related to his money laundering proceeds of heroin trafficking for a Nigerian drug ring in Chicago.

Tinubu Presidential Ambition Threatened By Past Crimes
Tinubu Presidential Ambition Threatened by Past Crimes

Besides, several reports referring to the same story exposed him. These implicative stories were dug up to refresh the memories of those that had no idea of the criminal offences of the APC Presidential Candidate and former 2-time Governor of Lagos State.

There are signs from the Nigerian youths indicating that they do not want the leadership of the APC flag bearer, particularly all the obvious sabotages done to his online campaign attempts.

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