Tinubu or Obasanjo, who matters?

For Obasanjo it is either he leaves politics or politics leaves him. What is his electoral strength in the southwest? Well 2019 election has answered that.

If we are talking of history and legacy, no one can contest that position with Obasanjo in Nigeria. God made him great. He made him military head of state by sheer providence. He made him transfer power peacefully to civilians, which amplified his personality. He then made him a two terms president. No living Nigerian can match that, except Buhari, but Buhari was not privileged to transfer power from military to civilians. He waited to be overthrown. That was a minus compared to Obasanjo.

But legacy and history are different from political might and influence, which Obasanjo lacks today. It is time to leave politics before politics leaves him.

His daughter Iyabo Obasanjo was soundly defeated and lost her seat in the senate. None of his children can contest and win election using his name as leverage. Those that want to be relevant are with APC today.

If Obasanjo could not make his daughter senator, how could he have made Atiku president?

Then compare Obasanjo with Tinubu and tell me who is an asset in Southwest politics.

Let’s look at Bola Tinubu. Tinubu’s biggest political appointee is the Vice President Yomi Osinjo. Then all the APC governors in southwest owe their ascendancy to him. To tell you how potent he is, he removed the APC party Chairman Oyegun.

His wife Remi has been senator and is comfortable keeping her seat as long as she wishes.

Then take a look at Ambode. Against the wish of a popular and sitting governor Raji Fashola, Tinubu made him governor of Lagos state. Today Ambode is a one term governor as Tinubu denied him the APC ticket.

That is a person that matters in politics. Tinubu is he that holds Southwest by the jocular.

Check the other governors or legislatures in southwest. If you are not with Tinubu you can’t return.

Bukola Saraki was lucky to be Senate President, but Tinubu has ensured he didn’t return to the senate. Not only that, he made him lose every electoral post he sponsored in Kwara.

Tinubu was also instrumental in defeating Dino Melaye in Kogi senatorial election. His political influence has reached Kwara and Kogi states, both northern states bordering the southwest. It is Tinubu that matters not Obasanjo.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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