Three Of The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

According to statistics, these are three of the most damgerous job in the world. 

Every work environment comes with hazards however some may be fatal while thers don’t seem to be life threatening as such. In 2018, Researchers from 24/7 Wall Street conducted a study to determine the 25 occupations with the highest fatality rates.

To do so, they reviewed fatal injury rates for 72 occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. We have compiled a concise list of 3 of the top dangerous jobs in the world for the pleasure of adrenalin junkies or caution for safety freaks.

1. Roofers

Three Of The World'S Most Dangerous Jobs 1

Every structure/building needs a roof to be complete. A house without a roof would be susceptible a lot of unwanted dirt and rainfall inside your house or office building. However, this job could be very demanding. Both physically and intellectually as one wrong step could make you lose their footing and the fall could be fatal. 

Roofers make a living by walking around the tops of houses and office buildings most of them end up tripping and falling. Professional roofers too have been known to have had near-death experiences with falling before. 34% of falling injuries when roofing end up being fatalities due to the serious damage sustained during the fall.

2.  Air Pilots End Engineers

Three Of The World'S Most Dangerous Jobs 2
2.  Air Pilots End Engineers

While commercial airline safety has improved in recent years, 75 aircraft navigators from smaller aircrafts—including air-taxis and rural pilots—died in 2016. According to the BLS. Human error accounts for many aircraft pilot and flight engineer deaths on the job, along with mechanical failure and turbulent weather.

3. Farmers 

Three Of The World'S Most Dangerous Jobs 3
3. Farmers 

You may have previously thought farming has probably the lowest risks when it comes to health and safety hazards however reverse is the case. Farmers are often required to operate some heavy duty machinery which sometimes end up maiming its user due to a human error or malfunction.

In addition to that, Farmers spend a long time exposed to sun. They also come across different animals and plants and insects who carry all sorts of diseases. It’s one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the world  Most deaths in this industry were transportation accidents.

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