Things You Should Not Do In The Workplace

1. Take angry personal phone calls.

Sure, nasty calls happen. But that doesn’t mean you have to subject everyone else to your drama. The office is not a place to do battle with your kids or siblings. Keep your relationship issues outside of where others are working and can hear you. Take a break and go somewhere private, or better yet, save it until you get home.

3. Don’t gossip about coworkers.

Whatever information you’re spreading won’t make anyone look as bad as you make yourself appear for being the nasty and uncaring messenger.

4. Spend hours on your social media.

You are being paid to be productive. Unless it’s part of your job, your social media activities should be saved for lunch or break times. And even then, use your phone and stay off the company computers for personal activity.

5. Lie to make yourself look good. 

Technology makes it easy to exaggerate your credentials. It also makes it easy to find out the truth. Small lies will hurt you in big ways and someone will always bring the truth to light.

6. Come into work when you’re very sick. 

Your commitment to your job is admirable, but don’t prove that you’re a good worker by exposing the whole office to your flu. Work from home if you can, but don’t bring your germs into an otherwise healthy workplace.


When you interrupt, you not only frustrate the person you are talking to but you give them a negative impression of yourself. Learn to listen. You’ll gain admiration and respect.

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