There is No Need Wishing, Obviously, He Will Marry You

He Will Marry You

When it comes to if he will marry you or not, unlike some people, I am very generous with information and would always let the cat out of the bag, that, of course, is if you pay attention and observe these rules, and keep this knowledge in your toolbox, he certainly would marry you.

Trust me, you don’t have a clue about what I’m about to tell you, that would make that man in your life marry you, so stop wishing, and just watch it all happen naturally!

Some folks who are in beautiful relationships, call it … ‘Relationship made in heaven,’ appear so fulfilled, and are the envy of those you are not doing too well. But when they (the successful ones) manage to divulge the secret of their successful relationship, you would understand that they applied this rules that I’m about to unveil to you.

By now I believe you’re following keenly and rest assured that your dream man will marry you and not any other lady.

Alright, I have scrupulously taken time to meet, speak with ladies, and ask certain relevant questions, why they go on dates, get into relationships, I mean, relationship after relationship, yet the men in there live just walks away without even proposing, let alone marry them, and of course …I got the usual or expected answers, “It looks like my village people are following me.” And many other reasons that can full an empty drum.

Please girl friend, when I say he would marry you its not for free because you have things to do. Firstly, snap out of that illusionary state of mind and face the real world. Quit drowning in self-pity and stop wishing and wishing because I have told you that he would marry you … So don’t bother consoling your self with those words … blaming the people in your village.

A quick one here! I love God a lot and believe that  He is the reason I live, and always on the go, I can’t overemphasise that. I don’t embark on any journey without seeking His consent and assistance; it’s a tradition for me already, whether business, relationship, taking a trip somewhere, etc. God has got to have my back.

There Is No Need Wishing, Obviously, He Will Marry You 1
He Will Marry You

Now that’s a done deal!

Some people have said that ‘Common sense is not common,’ sure, there is an iota of truth in those words. Take it or leave it.

Now babe, ‘put on the garment of common sense’. Are you asking me how? You do not need to have grey hairs before knowing when and how to apply common sense. At least, when a man likes you, you know… When he doesn’t, you know, he can’t hide that for too long, he just cannot pretend for too long, his true feelings for you would show before you. Got it?

Let me inform you here and now, that before you can start trying to get a guy to commit to you, and marry you eventually, you need to be sure that your values align. That he’s the one you love and see a future with, before you can start doing anything to win his heart

It has been said many time that men are visual creatures, they react to what they see. When a lady looks good, a man can’t help but notice her, even if his lady is by his side, he still would take notice of this other lady.

Some ladies today are so relaxed when it comes to taking care of their bodies or looking good. Their personal hygiene score is 0.000%.

Sorry, no hard feelings. Their reason being that the guy already understands them… Please S-T-O-P! It’s an error!!

The battle is not won yet when the priest hasn’t pronounced both of you ‘husband and wife’. So keep fighting till he marries you.

Furthermore, I haven’t seen a man who does not like to be pampered, hates when he is showered with love, and affection; or runs away when a good looking woman treats him with kindness and all, even if he is a Eunuch. Please, if you have seen, don’t hesitate to tell me so that I could recommend him for deliverance or consult a physician to get his head examined.

It has been said times without number, “Respect and treat him right and he’d make you his queen”. Just like responding to stimuli, he would make you the centre of his world.

Men who love food and I mean that they love ‘good food’. Today it’s easy to learn how to cook almost any kind of food, just surf the Internet.

Appreciate his little effort  in making you happy. 

Smile always and call him sweet names.

Smell nice! Invest in nice perfumes, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Earn your money. Let him know that you are not a liability. Men want women who are financially independent and won’t come to him for everything. 

While you prepare for the time he will marry you, also prepare for what you will do when he finally marries you. You already know how to take care of your body, and how to treat him well and he has seen all of those.

So now when you marry him, you need this next like but read it carefully. When it comes to romance, sister, please, show the cat that “You’re not a Learner”. Serve it hot and spicy. 

Trust me, try all I have told you and no other woman can compete successfully with you, so quit wishing my dear, he will marry you.

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