#MercyXIkethShow: Village People Sits On Ike’s Matter

Mercy and Ike

Mercy and Ike’s relationship again took the front burner on today’s episode of What Next where village people sat on his matter. Remember that Ike and Mercy started since 2019 when they met at the Big Brother’s house and they have stunned both their fans and follies by sticking together since then.

There is no relationship without challenges but how you manage that left to you. So Ike and Mercy have been talking to their close pals and seeking counsels on how to mend their cracked wall and you might say it is the best way to go about it.

While He met met his cousin Pascal who told him, he deserves a lady better than Mercy and that he was ready to link him up with another lady who is rich enough to invest in him, Mercy met her sister as well.

Mercy’s sister, Promise told her she has not seen any seriousness in Ike that would make her encourage Mercy to marry him. She has also threatened to withdraw her support from the relationship if her man would not stop feeling jealous at every move of her sister.

So on today’s edition of What Next, “the village people” Mercy’s friends had a meeting on Ike and their opinions would fascinate you. These three ladies have been Mercy’s friends even before she went into the BBNaija reality TV show.

When they met with Mercy and she asked them about what they think about Ike, their responses sounded as if they had rehearsed it, “What is Ike?” So is Ike a thing that they would ask “What is Ike?” With there responses, their friend knew they are angry with Ike and she would not have expected anything nicer from them.

They began to open the can of worms one after the other, one of them named Mimi took the lead when she said she thinks Ike is manipulative. Ikeeeeee, where are you? The village people are sitting on your MATTER!

Mimi went ahead to stress that Mercy is the one running after him and he does not love her. You would think that was going to be the highest comment for the village people’s meeting but you still have more to get from it.

Mercy'S Friend, Mimi
Mercy’s Friend, Mimi

Another friend of Mercy did not waste time super coating her advice, but she told Mercy what she thinks straight. “ Forget him!” Really! When she heard that, she said it is not easy forgetting the person you love or once loved. 

The three ladies who have been long time friends of Mercy told her that her boyfriend does not love her, adding that no man loves a woman and treats her the way she is being treated.

Mercy And Her Friend, Tara
Mercy and Her Friend, Tara

They told her if her partner had loved her, he would not have asked her to go meet her host in London so that she can get money from him so that the two of them can share. You don’t mean that.

They were not ready to listen to whatever the lover girl was going to say in defence of her man, they do not like Ike and that might not be changing anytime soon. If I do not tell you this, I know you will be angry if you hear it from somewhere else.

They said Ike does not fight back when they are being attacked on the social media, while they fight dirty for the two of them whenever they were being attacked right from when they were on the BBNaija show.

This is not taking sides, but I use to hear “one good turn, deserves another.”

There could be another meeting about thses two lovers some other day with some other people, but only a few people will argue that they are not good together.

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