The Plus Factor (Episode One)


Hello! It is a beautiful morning in the City of Abuja. Wherever you’re watching from, I hope you’re having a good morning.

The Plus factor (Episode One)

It’s a great pleasure having you watch this beautiful show set to inspire and motivate you towards actualizing your dreams.

As humans, there is one important task we’ve been assigned to complete. In fact, we were designed and crafted to complete this singular task.

The task is “to fulfill our individual purpose”.


There is a power inside you that can transform your life in a way you may never imagine.

There is a power inside you that can transform your life in a way you may never imagine. This power has the potency to restructure, reorganize, reform, and reshape you; making you not a better version of yourself but the best!

If you operate its principles, it has the power to reform your mind, build your capacity, boost your confidence, and coordinate your activities; the result is a tremendous transformation in your life and relationships.

By now I know you are eager to know what this so much advertised power is called, what quality it possesses, how it works, and how to gain access to it.

This great power is called THE + FACTOR!
It is simply the quality of Excellence!
Norman Vincent Peale describes it as the “quality of extra-ness.” What is so special about it? It is simple. It makes you STAND OUT!

How then does this power work?

  1. Understand and accept the fact that the Plus Factor is REAL. It is not some imaginative idea of running wild. It is real! It has been tested and proven. Research reveals that it’s been discovered and used by sages for centuries.
  2. It is Inherent: Accept the fact that it is innate; residing deep inside you
  3. Operate it: Make a conscious decision to operate it your life. Don’t be indecisive, make your decision once and for all.
  4. Accept that your potentials, your gifts have been left untapped and underutilized.

This is understandable because it is pretty much as a result of ignorance. However, make a change now!

Next, would you like to know how to gain access to it?

To activate, you must;

  1. Be aware of your inherent authority (gifts) and develop it as best as you can.
  2. Make a conscious decision to pursue your dreams.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone.

You’re never too old or too young; too poor or too rich, to pursue your inherent authority.

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