The Plus Factor (Episode 4)

The Plus Factor (Episode 4)

Dreams are Fantastic!
Creativity is a Plus!!!
However, you have to reach a decision to WORK those dreams out!

On this Show, we’ve come to the full realization of the fact that Creative Dreams are the bedrock of every successful enterprise – meaning – every successful organization, business, company, trade, economy was birth by a single and simple idea which was crafted by Creativity and aligned to pass through a particular process.

That process is called GOAL SETTING.

Two vital keys to work with – Focus and Determination.
Essentials you must have are:

  1. Clarity of purpose
  2. A Calm & Collected Composure
  3. A Calculative mind

Develop a Dogged Determination to reach your dreams.
I wish you A HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!

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