The Good Husband Full Movie Review

The Good Husband

  • Title – The Good Husband
  • Director – Dickson Iroegbu
  • Producer – Dickson Iroegbu
  • Location – Abuja
  • Main Cast- Sam Dede
  • Year – November 13, 2020

The Good Husband just like the title says, is a movie that talks about men and their relationships and marriage. The movie’s first major challenge was the COVID-19 outbreak that has affected the whole world.

The social distance rule affected the release of the movie to the cinemas across Nigeria, but it finally got the ride on November 13, 2020.

Sam Dede, Monalisa Chinda, Francis Duru, Thelma Okoduwa-Ojiji, Paul Sambo, Bassey Ekpo Bassey among many other Nigerian stars featured in a movie, picturing some of the challenges marriages face.

The Storyline majorly based on a marriage counselor who had more interest in mending other marriages and his career than his home.

He met different people including his pastor whose marriages were as good as hell. Issues like being full house wife, inter- religious and inter-state marriage were tackled in the movie.

The role of parents’ advice in their children’s homes, fighting over men, gender competition, nagging, accommodating extended family members were issues treated in The Good Husband.

Reviewing The Good Husband

The casting of this movie was good, as there was not redundancy in it. The roles given to each cast was well delivered especially those who needed to speak local languages.

The cinematography is also good, with the different elevation and views shot in the movie. The camera angles were well thought out and the colouring gave the movie quality a boost.

The costumes used in the movie was ok, but there was no need to special effects in the movie so there was nothing to look out for.

However, the delivery of the messages in The Good Husband was not superb. The movie would have left so many people confused on what to do when it comes to women choosing their career and managing their homes.

The family samples chosen in the movie did not depict the correct situation in Nigeria. About eight family samples were used in the movie and only one was poor.

Sam Dede who acted as the marriage counselor was not right about not telling his wife the method he deploys in fixing the marriages and relationship of his clients. It would only be wrong if he gives the details, but not telling his wife the methods he deploys.

Also, he owes his wife an apology for not creating time for the family and for the way he spoke to her, but he did not. Also while he was do all he could to get his divorce case out of the court, his main concern was mainly about his career, image and personality.

He was not worried about losing his wife and home, but what people would say about him and his career. With all of these, should he be called a good husband or a perfect husband as his wife described him?

Can Martins Ike of The Good Husband be said to be a good example of what a good husband should be?

Another major blunder in the movie is that all the families had happy endings which is not realistic. Life is not balance just like we always say and depicting this in the movie is not sitting well at all.

Also there was no single marriage in the movie that was not chaotic. We still have good homes in real life, so that made the movie one sided.

Now lets grade the movie on a scale of 1 to 100.

Cinematography – 8

Message Delivery – 4

Costumes – 6

Story/screenplay – 5

Director – 5

Sound – 8

Acting Colouration – 8

Scriptorial integration – 6

Casting – 7

Total – 52%

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