Temmie Ovwasa Thanks Nigerians Over Mental Health Illnesses

Former YBNL signee and openly gay Nigerian Singer Temmie Ovwasa has called out Nigerians for contributing immensely in making her suffer numerous physical and mental health illnesses despite her young age.

The 24-year-old singer took to Twitter to list all the physical and mental health illnesses she is currently suffering.

While blaming Nigerians for being the cause of all her adversaries, Temmie Ovwasa thanked them in a tweet, saying: “Thank you Nigeria for giving me a personality disorder, anxiety, depression, cptsd, high blood pressure, self harm scars, dissociation, depersonalization, a sleeping pill addiction due to insomnia and an inability to function as an emotionally stable adult, before the age of 25.

Way too much illnesses for one person to deal with, but do Nigerians care?

While some showed some concern after reading her tweet, others didn’t care, as they still trolled her more for blaming the nation for all her woes.

Well, welcome to the world of social media, once again.

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