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“Majority of cases have one thing in common. Children are lured by their abductors outside their homes. These abductors could be family members, acquaintances or complete strangers. Therefore, Emir Sanusi’s assertion that parents of abducted children are also partly responsible is founded on two wrong assumptions.

“Mus Rabo abducted over the weekend was today 20th October 2019 rescued unhurt. The officer was successfully rescued this evening by a combined team of Police operatives from Kaduna, Niger and Zone 7 Command Headquarters Abuja, backed-up by members of the elite Special Forces of the NPF,” the statement read.

There was an ongoing attack in the nearby village of Zandam which is about two kilometers away, he told me. They could hear the sound of gunshots from their position. There was no need to call the people in Zandam in that situation. The DPO had already been informed but only for the sake of it. His men were to come about five hours later from Jibia which was only ten kilometers away. We lamented and prayed over the phone before hanging up.