Taaooma Releases Statement Over Skit Scandal (Copy)

Taaooma, the famous Nigerian Instagram comedian has released a statement to react to the N1.5million skit scandal that she was called out for.

It would be recalled that Twitter user one Olashile Owolabi with handle “@Olaondeck” called her our alleging that the comedian was contracted to make a video skit which did not turn out well.

Olashile revealed that Taaooma after delivering the video did not meet the expectation of her client but did not respond well to the criticism.

He alleged that when told about the displeasure, the comedian responded saying “Take it or leave it.”

While this allegation trended on social media on Friday, the comedian has released an official statement, giving her side of the story.

According to her post on Instagram, Olashile’s allegations are not only false but they are misleading.

Taaooma Releases Statement
Taaooma Releases Statement

Her response also showed that the skit scandal might not end on social media, but the judiciary will also have a role to play in resolving it.

Taaooma added that legal actions are already been taken against Olashile over the allegations she said was capable of maligning her.

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