Taaooma In Financial Scandal

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  • Filmmaker calls Taaooma out
  • Taaooma in 1.5 million saga

Instagram comedienne, Taaooma in financial scandal after a creative called her out on Twitter.

Taaooma born Mariam Apaokagi has been in the limelight since 2016 after she made a debut of her skits that was centred around African mothers and their very unique method of disciplining their kids.

Twitter call-out puts Taaooma in Financial Scandal

In a Twitter rant, Taaooma was called out by a filmmaker who claimed that Taaooma failed to deliver on their contract of 1.5 million. According to the accuser, he and his client booked Taaooma to make a skit and paid her the sum of 1.5 million. However, after Taaooma dropped the video, the client disliked it and wanted her to make changes but she allegedly refused.

The filmmaker made a comparison between Taaooma and her fellow skit maker, Maraji claiming that it was for reasons like this that Maraji fell off the grid and has failed to attract new clients.

See the full details of his allegations;

Taaooma In Financial Scandal 1
Taaooma In Financial Scandal

As expected this has caused a ruckus on the internet especially seeing that Taaooma has not responded to the allegation.

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