Suspected Ritual Killing in Kubwa Area, Abuja

They have been people running to the 2:2 area of Kubwa an area in the Bwari Area Council of Abuja. The reports have it that in the early hours of Monday 20th June 2022, people who go out for road work discussed that they were pieces of human body parts on the ground, and the site dragged many passers-by to the scene.

Was there a Ritual Killing in Kubwa or What Happened?

It’s not been reported what happened but from what can be seen it is suspected to be a case of ritual killing. The legs and arms of the victim were seen on the ground and it has not also been gathered the number of people killed as the arms on the scene is more than just two.

Suspected Ritual Killing In Kubwa Area, Abuja

The police command in the Kubwa area has started their investigation on what happened and how the body of the victims got to the place. The parts were seen in the 2:2 areas of Kubwa opposite Grace of God. The rise in the cases of ritual in the country is on the increase a daily and the general public has been advised to keep watch and be their protectors first. The killing has been rising steadily from herdsmen attacks to kidnapping and yahoo rituals.

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