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Surviving In The Hustle Of Lagos

Lagos seems to be one of the most difficult places to live in Nigeria. Starting from the traffic, that is nothing to write home about. Then are we going to talk about the hustle and bustle, the fumes from the cars, the humid air and we can go on and on.

Surviving In The Hustle Of Lagos
Lagos Market

For a person who is new to the Lagos way of life, the first few weeks can be horrific, to say the least. But with time, one can get used to the hustle and bustle that clouds the streets. However, even at this, many people just manage to keep their heads above water. Although they might survive on a daily basis, they are almost always rendered very weak at the end of each day. Beyond surviving, it is important to know how to really scale through and make life meaningful even in a place like this. For, there is a saying that goes “If you can make it in Lagos, you can make it anywhere”.

5 Essential Ways To Survive The Hustle And Bustle Of Lagos.


Be mentally prepared Moving to Lagos can be a new experience entirely especially if you moved from a more organised environment like Abuja or even outside Nigeria. Being mentally prepared will help overcome the hurdles in Lagos.


Live close to your workplace This is one of the best ways to enjoy living in Lagos. Lagos is one city where almost all the residents are always angry in which you cant blame them. Imagine waking up at five o’ clock in the morning everyday for work, you stay on the road for about 2 hours just trying to get to work. 5 essential ways to survive Lagos hustle. Deposit photos a letter from our Editor-in-Chief Bayo Olupohunda Spend your whole day at work and spend another 3 hours getting home. I do nbt expect that individual to be the happiest person. My advice will be to live close to your work place if you can afford it.


Multiple streams of income Ignore the myth – tomorrow will take care of itself. As a resident of this city, you need to plan yourself. Multiple streams of income is the best way to survive. Don’t spend all your savings in the club buying bottles when you can invest. This way, money wont be a hassle.


Socialize and meet new people Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is a great motto to live by in Lagos. Do not be offended if your circle don’t help because everyone has their own hustle. It’s funny to know that in Lagos, it’s mostly acquaintances who support your hustle. However in this city of surprises, you can never tell where your help might come from so go out, socialize and meet new people.


Observe the flow of traffic This is very important. Once you can figure out the best times to move around in Lagos, things will be easier for you. Avoid stepping out at rush hours to avoid frustration.

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