Some Ugly Truths About Life

Life has it’s way of ‘dealing’ with us and we usually don’t know when to accept that. Put together below, are some truths about life that are ugly, but we should be aware of.


You will run down the guilt-valley more often than before. You will do things which you know is not good for you but will anyways end up doing it. You will invariably be distracted by foul things. This is your mind conquering your weak spot and discipline can save you.


As a child you have the time and the energy but not the money. As an adult you have the energy and the money but not the time. As a senior you have the time and the money but not the energy.


A really horrible person could come and ruin your life, live like nothing’s happened, get rich/successful and die happily. Karma does not exist.


You’ll realize that success is not that easy after all. It’s that difficult. You would be tempted to give up on your dreams and live an average life. Things will go wrong. Personally and professionally. The unexpected will happen. There won’t be any reason/person to blame on. Your faith in humanity will plummet all of a sudden. But don’t give up, move on.


Everything runs on money which means if you don’t have enough to afford the simplest of things, you won’t even have a chance to enjoy life. Life is basically a game. A game where even breathing costs money.


You’ll be forced to change your attitude towards failures because you’ll have more failures than success. You will no longer react to events, but will eventually respond to it. Reacting will get you into more trouble. Responding will move you towards a solution.

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