Skales Threatens MC Galaxy With Physical Assault

Nigerian rapper and singer Raoul Jon Njeng-Njeng, who is popularly known as Skales threatens MC Galaxy, another colleague, with physical assault over an unknown issue.

Skales, who just tied the knot with his longtime lover last month, seemed to have a serious issue with Mc Galaxy as he took to Instagram to threaten songwriter, Mc Galaxy saying that if he catches him outside, it will be raining blows.

Skales Threatens MC Galaxy With Physical Assault

He called Mc Galaxy an idiot and miscreant while making these threats. in his rant, Skales refused to mention what went wrong with the songwriter that resulted in him harbouring these strong feelings. His words on Instagram wrote;

“One day I go beat that stupid smelling Mc galaxy Fuck boy. On sight when I see you Fuck boy Idiot boy.. miscreant galaxy.. When I see you,”.

Skales Threatens Mc Galaxy With Physical Assault 1

Galaxy side-stepped the impending violence by alluding to acting mature when he posted ‘Peace & Love’ on Instagram.

MC Galaxy rose to fame after winning a Davido dance competition in 2012, going ahead to release a song, ‘Nek-Unek’ with Davido.


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