Aloma DMW Shares How He Was Bribed to Frame Davido of Murder

Shocking details are being released as Davido’s former personal assistant, Aloma DMW shares how he was offered a mouth-watering deal to accuse Davido of killing a socialite, Tagbo.

Recall that a friend of Davido, Tagbo Umeike passed on after a wild night out with the singer and other friends. the circumstances surrounding his death were highly controversial. He was in Davido’s company, and reports have it that some of Davido’s vehicle and colleagues were captured on cctv droopping Tagbo’s body off at a general hospital.

Aloma Dmw Shares How He Was Bribed To Frame Davido Of Murder
Tagbo Umeike

After the investigations were carried out, Davido was absolved of the accusations made against him by some individuals including actress, Caroline Danjuma but it seems there are people who were working behind the scenes to arrive at a different conclusion as recent revelations show.

Aloma DMW Shares How He Was Bribed to Frame Davido of Murder

Davido’s former PA, Aloma DMW shares in a podcast interview how he was offered the sum of N100 million to frame Davido for Tagbo’s death. According to him, the individuals, who he refused to name, offered him a blank cheque to say that the artist was responsible for the death of Tagbo Umeike. In his words,

“They say I be fall man say make I just talk say na David kill am, say he send guys. Baba blank cheque dey o…100 million they make I just write say Tagbo na David kill am,”

Aloma ceased to be a part of the DMW and 30 Billion Gang team a while back.

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