Single Woman Beats Hell out of 2 Fake Prophets

A short clip of a single woman beating the living daylight out of two fake prophets was uploaded on social media by an observer.

The woman on the video posted by @NaughtyWrita, looks like she’s in her mid 40s, confronted the men in Calabar, CrossRiver State, where they were busy enjoying themselves with plates of dog meat.

Passersby could hear her screaming at the men and see her slapping and pulling their clothes to what seemed like she was going to naked them.

Single Woman Beats Hell Out Of 2 Fake Prophets

They Collected Over N500k from Me- Single Woman

She complained of placing multiple calls to one of the fake prophets that failed to acknowledge her claims. She insisted that he collected more than five hundred thousand naira (N500,000), deceiving her that he could cure her mother from the sickness she was suffering from before she agreed to send the money.

The woman cried out, stressing that all the things done and administered to her mother yielded zero results, which is why she placed several calls to him to find out why her mother did not recover after the promises they made to her.

Despite the pleadings from people around the scene of the incident, the woman refused to allow them to go and continued dragging their clothes to show that she wasn’t joking and that they must repay all the money they collected for the fake job.

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