Singer, Sola Allyson Shares Touching Rape Story

Famous Nigerian Gospel singer, Sola Allyson shares touching rape story as a way to lend her voice to the campaign against rape and molestation which has become rampant.

Since the report about the rape and murder of Uwa Omozuwa surfaced on social media, many Nigerians have lent their voice to the campaign against sexual harassment, while many have also shared their rape experience.

In a post on her Instagram handle, the gospel singer shared a story of a young girl whom she met at a Salon and what the girl told her.

Sola Allyson Shares Touching Rape Story

Sola Allyson Shares Touching Rape Story
Gospel singer, Sola Allyson posted this graphic to lend her voice to the campaign against rape on her Instagram handle

“I was in the salon…

Then a discussion began, about rape. This young, beautiful Girl, really beautiful, in her 20s, was so passionate about the discourse. Her voice was high. Her eyes almost coming out of their sockets as she talked, all her body at attention though she was sitting. 

She said in 2015, she was “molested” by someone she worked with after they just finished working. She said she was beaten black and blue before she was raped. She was a virgin. 

And the guy later said, “if I knew you were a virgin, I would have waited till where there’s a bed.” She didn’t tell anyone. Not even her parents. She had to tell them that she fell from a bike… I asked why. She said because she’s afraid people will be talking about her and things like that… That’s my understanding of her reasons.

She said every time she remembers or she’s where guys are, she has panic attacks. And that whenever she hears stories of rape, it triggers her pain. She said she’s not in a relationship and that that’s why most Girls are not “attracted to” Boys again, and they’re “doing” Girls like themselves… She was so livid.

The anger in her eyes and the realities of her assertion made me shudder.”

Singer, Sola Allyson Shares Touching Rape Story 2
Barakat Bello, an eighteen year old girl who was raped and killed in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital on Tuesday few hours after the National Assembly proposed stiffer punishment for rape.

However, the singer advised anyone who has fallen victim of rape to speak up noting that silence on the part of the victim encourages other rapists.

Allyson urged her followers on the social media to stop covering up for rapists adding that there is power in the voice of everyone who is willing to speak up against rape and sexual harassment.

You will recall that BBnaija star, Khafi Kareem on Tuesday shared her rape experience under the hashtag #Whyididntreport, the hashtag was created on Twitter to avail every rape victim to share their experience.

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