Service Providers Should reduce Cost of Airtime and Data by 75% as Coronavirus cases increase

With the recent outbreak of the COVID 19 virus which has demanded the Nigerian government to shutdown many things in the country. It will only be wise if measures taken to help with challenging issue. The government has ordered that some part of the current should stay indoors and put social restriction law as well all this to help control the spread of the virus.

If citizens are asked to stay indoors, the best all of our service providers should do is to help in reducing the cost of data and also the charges for calls. MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE and ARTEL are the service providers in the country, with the current bid to stay at home and also work from home, it is their social responsibility to go beyond sending healthy tips text to their customers.

Service Providers Should Reduce Cost Of Airtime And Data By 75% As Coronavirus Cases Increase
Service Providers in Nigeria

We stand to gain a lot if these service providers cut down their charges and also help in giving free data to the masses which the government cannot do at the moment. The best way to keep in touch now is through calls or the social media chats, but if we do not have the data to do all these then we will end up losing touch with each other which will not be good.

Service providers owns the government and the society and social responsibility of helping to combat this virus has crippled the economy of the nation. In other countries, their governments are paying their citizens so as to encourage them to stay indoors while they fight coronavirus. Nigeria recorded their first case this year 2020 and since then it has been on the increasing affecting 51 persons already and one death recorded.

If service providers contribute in reducing the cost of calls and data usage or even give bonuses in data and airtime it will help the nation in a long way. The fight against this virus is one everybody must put hands together to fight it out. Footballers in Europa have been contributing money to help fund their very states and fight against the coronavirus.

Service Providers Should Reduce Cost Of Airtime And Data By 75% As Coronavirus Cases Increase
Service Providers comparison

These service providers make millions of naira from Nigerians so reducing their cost or providing bonus airtime and data won’t take anytime from them. After all, if this virus wipes us all out there will be nobody to make use of the services they provide.

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