Senegalese President, Allegedly Unleash Terror On Citizens

Senegalese President Macky Sall has allegedly unleashed terror on peaceful protesters in the country.

In a Twitter trend, many users on the app cried out for help noting that President Sall hired people who are not cops to terrorize protesters. 

Below are some of the comments curled from a Twitter trend tagged #Freesenegal

@Kalsoum_M “People are being killed. The country is bleeding. Please spread the world to #FreeSenegal 

@YourAnonCentral “If you have a case against your opposition leader, that is one thing. But you have no excuse to cut the internet or harm protestors. #FreeSenegal

@aliouSadioo “Senegalese President Macky SALL has unjustly arrested the main opposition leader in an attempt to prevent him from running the next presidential elections. Senegalese citizens are currently demonstrating and fighting for democracy #FreeSenegal

@Oloni “The Senegalese government are aware of what they’re doing by restricting internet access and trying to shut down media companies who dare amplify on what’s going on. #FreeSenegal

Senegalese President gathered that Senegalese police clashed with supporters of arrested opposition leader Ousmane Sonko for disturbing public peace.

Senegalese President, Allegedly Unleash Terror On Citizens
Senegalese President, Macky Sall addressing the Press.

Sonko, the opposition party leader and a former presidential candidate, is considered a potential critical challenger for President Macky Sall in elections in three years.

Meanwhile, Senegalese authorities had suspended the signal of two private television stations for 72 hours, accusing them of broadcasting images of unrest triggered by Sonko’s arrest.

The National Audiovisual Regulatory Council announced that the suspension affects Sen TV and Walf TV channels.

Senegalese President
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