Why Twitter Removed Nengi’s Verification Badge

Why Twitter removed Nengi’s Verification Badge is the question most of her fans, “The Ninjas” and other BBNaija reality TV show lovers have been asking for days now.

Season 5 of the BBNaija reality show was such an interesting one for the ex-housemates as some of them were already getting massive followership while Laycon even got verified on Instagram while still on the show.

So far Laycon and Kiddwaya have been the only ex-Lockdown housemates verified on Twitter and Nengi was meant to join that league but alas, something went wrong.

Similarly, almost all the ex-Lockdown housemates, including Nengi, have been verified on Instagram.

However, on January 22, 2021, fans saw a verification badge on Nengi’s Twitter page and a mini celebration started, little did they know that the badge has not come to stay.

Nengi'S Verification Badge
Nengi’s Verification Badge

Just within moments after Nengi’s verification badge appeared, it disappeared with anyone been able to tell why.

Up till now no one including Nengi has not been able to explain why the badge was retrieved. The sad news about this is that no one might be able to answer the question “why Twitter removed Nengi’s Verification Badge?”

As the ex-beauty queen and her fans are still waiting for an explanation, she has called on the app developer to return her badge. Now the next question is “How soon will that be?”

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