See why Boko Haram is not defeated

Boko Haram is not winning the war, but neither is Nigerian military. On Wednesday the army lost nine men while Boko Haram lost ten in a battle.

Three strategies were used by United States effectively to decimate ISIS. Two weeks ago the leader Al-Bagdadi was killed. It is no secret and Nigerian military thinkers cannot feign ignorance of it.

First, terror must be denied fresh recruits through education of the general public. Nigerian government is lacking in that, instead it allows Boko Haram the upper hand in propaganda and recruitment driven media.

Second, terror must be denied access to funds. Nigerian government is doing the opposite, paying huge ransoms to Boko Haram to free Chibok girls for political gains. The media show attested to that.

Third is effective war strategy and use of force. This strategy needs the combination of the other two to succeed.

Boko Haram is persistently resurgent because, the military has not taken the battle to them in Sambisa. Yes the forest is big, but that is why we have airforce and drone technology.

It is a shame that 186,000 strong military is only capable of deploying 16,000 troop to the frontline. If Nigeria takes the war serious, the military should be able to match every Boko Haram fighter with 10 men equipped with body armour and night vision capabilities. Boko Haram attacks in the night, so night vision is critical to the success of airforce and ground forces.

What is stopping government from acquiring body armour to minimise casualties on troops?

How much is night visual equipment that the government is not able to buy any?

Of recent the army deployed hundred tanks to South East in a show of shame when they are needed elsewhere in the Northeast.

By Aliyu Nuhu

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