See List of 35 Cross River Youths Wanted

The cross rivers state government declared some youths wanted in the state, and some reside in cross rivers while a handful resides in other states in the country, including Abuja.

1.    Kufre Ekpo Eyo (Romance) – son of Chief Ndabo Ogote Ekpo Etim of Uwanse, Calabar South, Cross rivers state.

2.     Junior (Yanky’s son, Charmbley by Punchstreet) Calabar South

3.    Samuel Emeka Obi – No.6 Atim Edem Rise street, Calabar

4.   Cyril Bassey (PDP) Councillorship Candidate, Calabar South, Ward 6.

5.    Sampon Joshua Oval (Samsung) – Ikot Effangha, Calabar/Abi LGA.

6.    Cornel Joe Edet (House of Reps. Residence, Apo Quarters, Abuja)

7.   Eteka Bulldog – (Oma Street, Calabar) – Recently granted amnesty by the Acting Chief Judge under Prerogative of Mercy.

8.   Okon Eyo – Recently granted amnesty by the Acting Chief Judge under Prerogative of Mercy.

9.   Supreme Etete -22 White House Street, Calabar South

10.     Charley – (12 White House Street, Calabar).

11.    Gershom Edem

12.   Francis Nkoro (STAM)

13.   Obong Ete

14.   Awaji Felix Likam

15.    Emeka II

16.   Owatt G. (Dede Younger brother)

17.   Emmatex

18.   Deco (Ekpo Iso Street)

19.   Harry

20.   Christian (Dr. Dean Street)

21.   Small – (19 Charmbley Street, Calabar)

22.   Akan – (33 Charmbley Street Calabar)

23.   1313 – (Akpabuyo)

24.   Ita Oku Ndiyo (Odukpani)

25.   Okpata (Obasanjo)

26.   Koksy

27.   Edet Ekpo Eyo (Udo Casket) #5 Edibe Edibe Street Calabar South

28.   Orok

29.   Bahior

30.   Ete Eka (WAPI)

31.   AC Milan

32.   Jide (dismissed military Police

33.   Andem Dick

34.   Charles Awkey

35.   Charlie – (Prison personnel)

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