Scrap Bride Price Culture_ Toni Tones

Nollywood actress, Toni Tones has made her opinion known concerning payment of bride price in marriage.

Bride price is the money, property, or other forms of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to or is just about to marry.

Paying of a bride price is from ages past and it is an important part of marriage in the Nigerian culture. Although the bride price varies in different tribes and parts of the country, it has to be paid to marry a woman legally.

Many have used the payment of bride price as an excuse not to marry in this present age while some that have paid the bride price use it as an avenue to boast of treating the woman how they like since they have paid for her.

Toni Tones
Toni Tones is a Nigerian photographer, songwriter and actress.

No wonder Toni Tones has come out to make a huge statement concerning the culture and tradition.

Toni Tones on Bride Price Culture

Toni Tones got her fans and followers talking with the controversial comment on bride price culture. She made this known via her Twitter account.

The beautiful actress tweeted @iamTONITONES ”Scrap bride price culture’‘ she continued ‘‘Women are not property to be sold”

This has made her fans and followers to be divided as they all air their opinion on the matter.

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