Scientist Invents COVID-19 Killing Face Mask

Garreth Cave, a Nottingham Trent University scientist has invented a face mask that can kill viruses including COVID-19 and other viruses upon contact.

It was reported that the new face mask has 5-layers design as against other face masks that are made of 3-layer designs.

The new invented face mask also included features such as an antiviral layer made of nano-copper and ions that are emitted once in contact.

The ions which are emitted cause the virus to die and stop reproducing. This is an upgrade from the surgical masks that prevents viruses but don’t kill it.

According to Dr Gareth Cave, “the mask we’ve developed has been proven to inactivate viruses upon contact; the antiviral layer kills virus which has been blocked by the filter layers.

Our new antiviral mask has been designed to utilise the existing barrier technology and combine it with our nanotechnology to kill the virus once it is trapped there.

Covid-19 Killing Face Mask
COVID-19 Killing Face mask

He stated that the barrier layer at both sides of the face mask protect not only the wearer but along with people around them. The face mask can be safely disposed of and not be a potential source of passive transfer.

Face masks have been widely used all over the world since the breakout of COVID-19 in Wu Han City, China which led to a global pandemic.

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