Retired Policeman Reportedly Bites Teenager’s Ear Off

Mr Ogunbor, who claims to be a retired policeman reportedly bites teenager’s ear off .

Ogunbor who claimed to be a retired Commissioner of Police bit off the ear of 18-year-old Faith Aigbe.

Human rights activists are clamouring for the arrest of this retired policeman over this violent assault.

According to reports, this happened on Sunday afternoon on Eweka Street, off Aduwawa Road, Benin City in Edo State while the Ogunbors were in a heated argument with the victims family.

Faith returned home from church that fateful Sunday afternoon to see the Ogunbors assaulting her mother for reasons not mentioned.

She tried to intervene when the alleged retired officer picked a shovel to attack her mother and he quickly pulled her closer and bit her right ear off.

Retired Policeman Reportedly Bites Teenager'S Ear Off 1
Retired Policeman Reportedly Bites Teenager’s Ear Off

Digging not the situation it was reported that the Mr Ogunbor and his sons had taken Faith’s father away from their home to a hidden location where they beat him mercilessly. Luckily he was rescued by the local vigilante.

Retired Policeman Reportedly Bites Teenager'S Ear Off 2

After Faith’s ear was bitten off, she went to the police station to report the situation but could not as Mr Ogunbor who went there too threatened the officers not to act because he was a retired police commissioner.

Faith spoke to local media on the situation however, no arrests have been made and human rights activists are calling for the arrest of Mr Ogunbor.

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