Armed Robbers Attack Edo Yam Market, Hold Traders Hostage

Robbers attack Edo yam market On Tuesday and held some traders hostage.

On Tuesday, armed robbers attacked popular yam market in Edo state just along Dawson road by forestry Road Junction in the state’s capital, Benin.

According to reports, the armed men stormed the yam market on Tuesday, held the elderly traders hostage for hours before leaving the market.

Some of the traders reported that their colleagues who could not bear the terror passed out at the sight of the guns.

They reported that the witnesses, the armed robbers came into the market at around noon pretending to be buyers but quickly turned into assailants.

Immediately the attackers brought out their guns, the traders ran for their lives but unfortunately, the elderly among them could not move as fast. This made them victims as the attackers stole all their phones and money.

On this same Tuesday, another group of suspected armed robbers attacked a senior lecturer of the University of Benin.

The lecturer reported that the robbers climbed over the fence to gain access into his compound at 3 am.They made away with his Phones, money and car, a Toyota RAV4 jeep.

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