Pretty Mike Reveals Reasons he Pulls Stunts at Parties

Controversial Nigeria socialite and entertainer Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike of Lagos, has revealed why he pulls stunts at parties.

Pretty Mike is notorious for making grand entries with stunts men and women in unimaginable form.

The socialite once stepped into a party with seven pregnant women who queued alongside him as they made their grand entry.

The 34-year-old actor has made himself one of the celebrities people look out for at top events in Nigeria for his controversial entry.

Pretty Mike: I Love What I do

The nightlife connoisseur revealed this recently in an event in Lagos, where he said people are now willing to pay him for his stunts services at their events.

Pretty Mike speaking at the event, said, “I do have friends that tell me to come and pull stunts at their wedding; some people even want to pay me for it.

“It’s not something I generate, and I don’t repeat stunts. For example, as I’m talking to you now, I don’t have any stunts coming up in my head, but it doesn’t mean something won’t come up next week.

“I only do stunts at my very close friends’ parties, that’s what people need to understand. If you’re not my very close friend, I will not pull a stunt at your party because I hear people on social media say if he does that at my party I will throw him out, I’m not even coming to your party.

“It’s like a pet project for me just as some people like to feed the poor, I like what I do.”

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