Dowen College Student Death: Pretty Mike of Lagos Blames Nigerians For Death

Following the death of the Dowen college student, Nigerians have been calling out for justice while also sharing their experiences and opinions.

Nigerian Socialite Pretty Mike of Lagos has also weighed in on the issue as he blamed Nigerians for the death of the 12-year-old college student.

According to Pretty Mike, despite expressing outrage and calling out bullies, Nigerians also played a part in Sylvester’s death. 

While he noted that Slyvester’s case has been disheartening, he also affirmed that the victim’s blood is on every Nigerian because, as citizens, the Nigerian culture, government, educational system, amongst others, failed him.

He added that the country keeps deteriorating because even the citizens hate each other while hoping that the Sylvester case doesn’t end as hashtags.

Pretty Mike said, “I pray this doesn’t end as hashtags #JusticeForUwa #JusticeForIni #endsarsprotest, complicated controversies with no solutions or justice in sight.

Abeg make all of us, including me, Just Shut Up! #FailedSystem #FailedEnvironment #FailedPeople.”

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